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♥ Music is my drug. ♥ Love is my delight. ♥ I'm a hopeless Romantic. ♥ MnM's are my rainbow. ♥ Blogs are my life. ♥ Laughing is my medicine. ♥ Books & Nail polish are my secret addiction. ♥ Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. ♥ Dancing is my passion. ♥Rule no.1: Don't fall in love, there's so much to lose if you're given the choice, walk away, walk away! ♥Never ever get too attached with new people that you meet. Stick with the OLD ones who stayed for so long. ♥PEN is my TEAR and PAPER is my DEATHBED.* ♥


Maria Jasminda Latorre Guerra
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November 4, 1960
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Dubai UAE
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Politics is just a word for me unless someone will give me a beautiful meaning. ;)
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This is the only pride we have that we can be truly proud of.

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Sometimes we think too much and feel to little. #02102013

Sometimes we think too much and feel to little. #02102013

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